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Countdown Coochie-cooler

Makes 4 servings

Foreplay: I always collect my toys first ;)! You’ll need your shaker, a plate for your glittering sanding sugar, a small bowl and champagne glasses- or any tall glasses that you like! Next, you’ll need your ingredients:

  • Rose’s lime juice

  • Sanding Sugar (make it glittering sanding sugar to make it festive :) )

  • Ruby Red grapefruit juice

  • A bottle of dry, brut,or cava sparkling wine

  • St. Germaine (an elderflower liqueur)

  • ice

Kinks: One of my favorite things to do to elevate brut champagne cocktails is to rim the glass, partially with a little sanding sugar. You don’t want to rim the glass like a margarita (all the way around), but rimming the glass at a neat angle will provide some levels to your cocktail’s flavor. It will also allow you to angle your glass while you pour the sparkling wine in your second step so that you don’t overfill and ruin the sugar.

Main event:

  1. Pour about a ¼ cup of Roses’ lime juice into a small bowl and a good amount of sanding sugar onto your plate. Dip your champagne glasses in the lime juice at your desired angle, then roll the wet part of the glass onto the sanding sugar. Set aside.

  2. Fill your cocktail shaker ½ way full of ice. Add 1.5 oz of elderflower liqueur and ¾ cup grapefruit juice. Shake vigorously, set aside.

  3. Fill your 4 champagne glasses about ½ way full of your sparkling wine. Minimize foamy accidents by tipping your glass to a 45-degree angle as you pour.

  4. Strain the shaker mixture into the 4 champagne glasses evenly. Enjoy!

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